Instant Play

Although there are plenty of solid gold goods to be won at WinStar Casino, there's absolutely no obligation to have to spend money to take advantage of the stuff here. You won't get to use the Welcome Bonus or Promotions, of course; but that's okay because the options to do so are always open. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the same fun that paying customers have access to. There's no need to download; here's a handful of the types of slots and other eGames available.

  • Starry Night Slots - With 5 reels and 20 paylines, this fairly standard sized slot is an ode to the Christmas season, pantomiming one of the most famous carols of all time. Don't get too caught up with nostalgia, though, because in the here and now, there's a potential 50,000+ credits that await you in the games jackpot. You can actually win this huge amount with the modest max bet of just 50 credits, which makes this a game with a high return on investment for the lucky gamer. Some of the unique benefits here are the Moonlight Wilds that are randomly triggered for big wins; the Lucky star Bonus that can deliver a multiplier of up to 50, and the Free Spins Bonus that can trigger up to 70 Free Spins.
  • Girls Night Out Slots - Fun in the sun, you say? Not these night owl ladies - they're looking to hit up the town and extravert their hypergamous natures! This game is best played on mobile, so that the lights and crisp graphics can really jump out at you from the screen. These girls have no shame, and are out to get as many men as they can and unwittingly consign themselves to a post-Wall life of cats and watching old romantic comedies alone. It's got Scatter symbols, Wilds, Free Spins and a Bonus Round for extra cash and prizes as the game winds on. The software provider is the more well-known Playtech, and with the booze, wine glasses, champagne and gorgeous men that serve as some of the reel symbols, it's no wonder that it's one of the more popular slots played by a certain demographic.
  • Money Rain Slots - Money Rain slots is also on Google Play, so you can play it on mobile twice over - whether it's at WinStar Casino or as a standalone on your Android-supported device. Built by Incredible Technologies, it features the American Presidents that grace the faces of the fiat currency greenbacks that serve as the world's standard form of cashh. For now, at least, assuming the welfare state doesn't collapse and take American wealth with it! In the meantime, you can enjoy absurdly varied game that has a jaw dropping 25,000 ways to win because of the peripatetic Scatter symbol. And this is before you even get to the Good, Better or Best Feature that promises to make the money rain down. To unlock the Money Reel feature, you'll need at least four symbols to transform during regular gameplay.
  • King of Bling Slots - One of the indelible aspects of American culture, Rap and Hip Hop have left their mark on the society in the past half-century to as much derision as acclaim - for better or for worse. King of Bling is a well-received celebration of the art form in the form of 5 reels and 25 paylines of bass-filled play. Diamond encrusted trinkets and Random Award Events keep the game lively and full of surprises. The Wild symbol replacing all other symbols except the Scatter is an event in this slot, and is called the Let's Get Wild reveal, which leads to extra spins on the House. One of the symbols is the Gold Record, like you might have seen in the smash hit movie Straight Outta Compton. Give King of Bling Slots a twirl at WinStar Casino Instant Play section where you can play for free.

Come and play using your free allotment of virtual credits at WinStar Casino! The Instant Play option guarantees that you don't have to expend any cash in order to enjoy what the casino has to offer. Take a load off your feet and just have fun; then, when you're ready, visit the banking section to start winning some real money!