One of the many reasons to head to WinStar Casino and game the night away are the Bonuses and Promotions that this online gaming hall offers. First of all, you receive 5,000 Chips for free - on the House! Once you sign up and become a part of the club, you could also get goodies such as 2,800 new Chips every single day, with which to play the eTables, Tourneys, Bingo, Keno and Video Poker - as well as the Slots, of course.

Experience the New Loyalty Lounge

The new Loyalty Lounge is a welcome sight to weary eyes, for the dedicated computer gamers that have navigated their way to WinStar from the poor offerings of other online competitors. The games in this section are exclusively for the WinStar crowd, and all it requires is for you to hook up your new account which must contain at least 50,000 chips in it. Automatically, upon completing this linkage, you'll receive an additional 10,000 chips for free. Remember that all such chips are just virtual currency that can only be used at WinStar Casino. With them, you can play such games as Lucky Miner Slots, Leonidas Slots, Gods of Fortune Slots and Mustang Money Slots.

  • Leonidas Slots is a vibrant red game with elite graphics and arresting gameplay. There are Extra Bonus Awards, More Spins features and a Spartan Wild that replaces all other symbols except for the Scatter. You've got to bet a lot to win a lot, so play carefully and with reserve unless you're a high-roller. All the symbols on the reels are, of course, related in some way to ancient Sparta - swords, helmets, Leonidas, himself, etc. Give it a go.
  • Gods of Fortune Slots is a descent into the mythological realms. The graphics here are even better than Leonidas Slots! Inspired by themes from the Far East, it extraverts the peculiarities of the Oriental gods and goddesses, and has many symbols denoting luck via Chinese characters.The God of Fortune makes an appearance, which should, by all accounts, be a good sign. May luck smile upon you when you play.
  • Lucky Miner Slots is as straight a shooter as they come. There's gold in your future, if you can get the right symbols to give you the desired payout. There are Scatter symbols and Wilds to help you along the way. Play it today at WinStar Casinos.

Real Casino Rewards Promotions

Did you ever think that a virtual casino could give you rewards that can be used at real life restaurants, to perhaps take that special someone out to dinner? These can be used at the WinStar World Casino and Resort. The Promotion packages run you about $29.99 and up, and using them will gather online gaming rewards that can be redeemed for MIST nightclub admissions, gift cards, dinner buffets for two, rounds of golf and much more. The Online Gaming Rewards Points are what you receive for every package you purchase.

Free Chips!

WinStar Casino also runs a 100% Free Chips Promotion on your first purchase. Get that initial bundle and experience the commensurate number of chips without the need of a Promotion Code. Everything is processed immediately, so there's no need to contact Support for the benefits that are rightfully yours.

Bonus Chips Promotion at WinStar Casino

Did you know that just by signing up and creating an account, you could be in the running for a cache of 2,800 chips? Every single day!? Yep - this is an offer you simply can't refuse. Every single day you log into your account, your raffle ticket is automatically sent in - as long as you log in on consecutive days. As such, try not to skip a day to play. There's a personal calendar that counts how many consecutive days you log ing; it will restart if you miss a day. On the 24th day, your tally - which has been steadily increasing each one of those days - you get the end-day prize.

5,000 Chip Promotion

Most of us wouldn't mind being famous, someday. Well, you can have a reasonable facsimile of this by seeing your name in lights at WinStar Casino. All that's required is for you to personalize your casino account, which entails filling in all the most important details. This includes your first name, last name, and birthdate in order to also get 5,000 free chips to use at the casino. This enables WinStar to display your name on every Leaderboard and Tourney that you enter. It's quite the experience seeing that representation of yourself writ large on the screen. And, the 5,000 bits of virtual moolah don't hurt, either!

All in all, WinStar has a surprising amount of Promotional offers at their virtual casino. We've tried most of the games and found them quite competitive with some of the more well-known casinos - some are even superior. Sign up, create a personal account and watch the benefits roll in.