Mobile Casino

What's an online casino these days if it doesn't offer a mobile option? Hardly worth it's status as a premier casino, if you ask us. It was probably with this in mind that WinStar Casino developed a robust mobile platform that lets you play any of a number of their best games on your Android or Apple iOS-supported phone or tablet. The ability to take your gaming with you on your various errands for the day cannot be understated or under-appreciated. Exactly what kinds of games are available?

Video Poker on WinStar's Mobile Platform

Many of the old favorites are here and work beautifully on the smaller screen of your phone or tablet. Start up a game of Jacks or Better, or try your hand at Deuces Wild and Poker Bet for a change. Should you tire of any of these, you can always switch gears to play Cash Draw Poker, Regal Poker, Jester Poker, Double Regal Poker or even the generous Double Double Regal Poker for some improved luck. Up the ante a bit by sticking to a more involved version of the same game, such as you might with Deuces Wild Elite or the all new Bingo Poker. More games are always in development and consideration, so you should never want for fun with the Video Poker offering at WinStar Casino.

eTables at WinStar Casino

Don't be fooled by the different name; these are just Table Games as you might see them at other online casinos. You can still enjoy your Pro Blackjack and Poker Bet games. For one that you don't see too often, Hi Lo Solitaire should catch your fancy. Fortune 52 is another eTable game that is experiencing growing popularity. Destiny Poker banks on having an attractive name to corral more gamers - and it's working, by all accounts! You'll find a few of the same games in the eTables section as you will in the Video Poker menu.

Keno is generally regarded as a Specialty Game at other casinos, and, as such, is listed in the appropriate section. Here, however, it is truly a special game and has its very own section with similar games such as Bingo and Fire Ball Action - a unique take on colorful slots but without the characteristic reels and paylines. There's also Ancient Thunder, Empire Action, Jungle Treasure Keno and Tropical Vacation Keno.

eGames - Slots

There are numerous slots at WinStar Casino, and they are sectioned off by the ones that are available to the players from the different continents of the world. For example, there's one for Americans, there's one for Europeans, there's another for Africans, Asians, and a bevy of slots for the entire world in the All 360 degrees section. Let's take a look at some of the ones from there, where all players are welcome.

  • African Diamond Slots - This slot hails the Motherland, and uses 5 reels and 30 paylines to get its prodigious point across. You're searching for conflict diamonds in the deep jungles and cities of the some of the world's oldest places, where civilization first took root. Konami Gaming has poured quite a bit of effort into making this a good slot, with Free Spins Bonuses and Stacked symbols paving the way to big wins. The other symbols on the reels are orchids, gorillas, exotic birds, butterflies and , of course, diamonds. The continent of Africa is the Scatter symbol and the Diamond Scatter pays out when you line them up in various quantities.
  • Dragon Palace Slots - If you know anything about the Ancient Orient, it's probably the extreme significance of the mythical dragon in many of China's old and present day motifs. As a mighty sign of luck, power and prosperity, the symbol persists to this day. Dragon Palace is a 5 reel slot with a fire-breathing 243 different ways to win, which provides the online casino gamer with plenty of operating room. There's a Max Bet button for the high roller, or for those who are feeling especially lucky for the next round. All the symbols, beyond the low-value poker cards, are related to Chinese tradition and culture, such as the Lotus Flower, Fishes, Soldiers and Turtles. The graphics are top-notch and the animations are breathtaking. You will enjoy Dragon Palace Slots.
  • Egyptian Gods Slots - Although not as popular in the Western World as the Greek Gods, Ra, Set, Anubis and Horus are still forces to be reckoned with in mythology and the archetypes that their stories embodied. It should come as no surprise, then, that Portomaso Gaming has seen fit to dedicate this 5 reel, 9 payline game to Egyptian civilization. The symbols on the reels consist of great gos such as the mighty Osiris, Anubis, Sekhmet and more, along with the poker cards that have a higher value from nine through Ace. You can play using up to 2500 credits at a time on all the paylines.
  • Eagle Bucks Slots - Eagle Bucks slot is another cool little game made by a relatively obscure software provider, Ainsworth Gaming. However; be sure not to sell them short, because they've got a lot to offer with this 5 reel, 20 payline shot in the dark. It's landed right side up, though, given the popularity numbers. The symbols on the reels consist of animals in the wild, such as a wolf, a reindeer, a buffalo, bear and eagle. The only thing is, if you reside in the US, Australia or Canada, you'll only be able to play this particular slot for free.